How to Conduct Keyword Research


Common Problem

Any business can put up a website, but not every website will get search traffic that turns into leads. In fact, 90.63% of web pages get no traffic from Google. Without knowing what your potential customers are looking for, it’s easy for most businesses to become part of this statistic.

Smart Solution

Keyword research is the key to building a digital strategy that brings traffic that converts to your site. It also provides valuable market research for you. Our Keyword Research Crash Course will break down the keyword research process to help you bring the right traffic to your website

You'll learn how to:

  • Define goals and how keywords can help you meet them
  • Brainstorm topics using all the data available to you
  • Read the metrics to understand consumer demand and opportunities
  • Understand the tools available to conduct keyword research
  • Turn your keywords into content leading back to your website

Crash Course includes:

  • Use cases on how to turn keywords into more traffic to your website
  • Worksheets to brainstorm and build out keyword ideas
  • Three Keyword Research Options to fit your budget, needs and time

Work smarter, while marketing on a budget. 

As trends change and shifts occur, we update each Crash Course to provide timely guidance and easy-to-follow instructions to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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