Local Web Visibility 101: Costa Rica Edition


Life in Costa Rica is supposed to be about simplicity, yet somehow running your business has ripped the sand right out from under your toes. Between updating your social media and responding to comments and reviews, there is no time left to run your actual business. We created this course to help you streamline your online work and improve your online visibility.

This course is full of explanations and checklists that make DIY optimization possible and efficient. Learn everything you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, online booking sites, TripAdvisor, and syncing your online presence in one neat package. You do need to optimize, but you don’t need to spend a fortune doing it!

Once you’re organized, feel secure, and have learned the most efficient and effective ways to optimize your business’s online presence, you can get back to business–as long as it’s not during surf hours or happy hour. Puravida!